Inert Material of the Historical Process

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Hernàn Chavar Natura Umana

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Hernan Chavar was born in Buenos Aires in 1979, attended the Art Institute and the Academy of  Macerata.

Daniele De Angelis / “Without God, without man, for deduction in the deduction, there are only animals, animals on which the sign of violent and aggressive Hernan Chavar embodies the instinctual and wonder. We return in this way in the early days, the look of terror and admiration of the prehistoric man of the dawn, for whom represent the animal was sacred act, symbolic and ritual. The animals stand, then, as eternal essences of nature and its rhythms; ancestral figures and lasting for ever and ever, before man and beyond it. The animal becomes the very form of existence, devoid of concepts, messages, truth; is life in its multiplicity to propose, aggression towards placidity, from action to stillness, from life to death. The animal kingdom overflows, wiping out every human superstructure, showing in its simple instinct, and because of this, and spaventandoci drawing us together. The man, mirrored in this bestiary, can then observe its origins feral and, at the same time, his marginality in relation to the cyclical nature of time, going back to being beast among beasts. “


Ben Weiner

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